Copyrights are a key component of any franchise system.  Far too many new franchisors fail to pay enough attention to registering and protecting their copyrightable materials.  If you are a franchisor, or considering becoming one, the least your copyright protection program should address:

  • Advertising materials
  • Websites (both content and software if applicable)
  • Live, video and written training programs
  • Manuals
  • Key forms and internal materials

Scott Phillip Weber, PA can help by making the proper filings with the US Copyright office, and coordinating filings in other jurisdictions.  For many clients, Scott can quickly train a trusted member of their staff to take over copyright filing and reduce their legal costs.

However, franchisors must be careful not to include trade secrets or confidential information in their copyright filings.  For example, do you want to file your confidential manual with the Copyright Office?  Are there ways to do so while protecting its confidential nature? There too, we can can provide you the advice needed to implement a robust and effective copyright protection program.

Our firm’s copyright services includes:

  • Designing a copyright protection strategy;
  • Assisting with copyright filings;
  • Advising how to enforce your copyrights; and
  • Copyright enforcement actions–litigation.

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