Franchise and Business Opportunity Law Avoidance

Franchise and Business Opportunity Law Avoidance

For many clients, the goal is to design a business system that allows them to meet their business objectives while avoiding application of franchise or business opportunity sales laws.  Avoidance of these laws is not always possible without unwanted changes to the business plan.  There are many traps for the unwary.   Because so, Scott often advises clients who have, on their own, unsuccessfully attempted to avoid such laws, and who now need our firm’s help in fixing their prior mistakes.  So if you are thinking of creating a licensing or multi party system that avoids franchise or business opportunity laws: Don’t go it alone, and get assistance early.

However, for many clients Scott can, from the onset, devise an alternative that is both legally compliant and practicable.

Some of these solutions may include:

  • Fee deferral programs;
  • Commissioned sales agent programs;
  • Limitations on use of the marks;
  • Curtailing controls or assistance; and
  • Utilizing exemptions or exclusions from such laws.

Contact Scott Phillip Weber, PA at (813)337-6650 to learn more about how this firm may be able to devise a program that allows your business to avoid franchise or business opportunity laws.

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