Franchise Registrations, Renewals and Exemptions

Franchise Registrations, Renewals and Exemptions

Franchise Registration Laws

If you wish to offer or sell franchises in certain states, or to residents of certain states, you will need to file your franchise disclosure document and other required materials with those states’ franchise regulators before your make any offers or sales.  Other states require you to meet an exemption from their business opportunity sales laws in order to offer and sell franchises.  Often, your compliance with franchise laws will suffice to be exempt from these business opportunity laws.  In other instances, a state trademark filing may be needed, or you may be required to make a state business opportunity law registration filing.  There are severe consequences for not being registered or exempt before you offer or sell franchises in these states.  So, it’s important that you have a franchise compliance plan that ensures you don’t violate these states’ laws.  The law firm of Scott Phillip Weber, PA can provide you the comfort of knowing your franchise registrations and renewals are filed and updated in the correct and timely fashion.

For New Franchisors, services include:

  • Establishing a franchise registration compliance plan;
  • Advising you if you need to register in all registrations states initially, or if you can or should do so as needed;
  • Prepare franchise registrations and renewals;
  • Responding to comment letters;
  • Helping you navigate fee deferral, escrow or bond requests by regulators;
  • Analyzing if any exemptions or exclusions to registration apply;
  • Prepare post-effective and pre-effective amendments;
  • Handling salesperson filings and franchise advertising filings;
  • Reviewing websites and advertising materials for compliance;
  • Training your staff to handle ongoing registrations and renewals, if that’s your desire.

For Existing Franchisors:

  • The law firm of Scott Phillip Weber, PA assists existing franchisors with all of the above, plus provides an analysis of their existing registration and renewal costs.   Often we are able to demonstrate that our costs are significantly lower than that of other firms.  In other instances, existing franchisors are exhausted by prior counsel being unable to obtain speedy registrations, or unnecessary comment letters from regulators.  The law firm of Scott Phillip Weber, PA makes the registration process swift and affordable.

Registration Retainer Program:

Many new and existing franchisors face pressure from the cost of paying for the bulk of their franchise registrations and renewal costs during a short period of the year.   Scott Phillip Weber, PA offers new and established franchisors the option to pay via one set monthly retainer fee, and for it we handle all of their registration and renewal needs throughout the year.  For most clients, the retainer is $2,000 to $2500 per month, depending on their needs.  And, we offer flat fee billing for franchise registrations, renewals, amendments or exemption filings.  We can do so on a per-state or multi-state basis.

Contact Scott to learn how we can can make your registration and renewal process swift, economical and predictable:  813-337-6650 or e-mail me at

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