If your franchise, business opportunity or licensed business requires space, your lease will be critical to your cost structure.  Far too often franchisees and franchisors fail to give adequate attention to their leases.  Some problems with not doing so include having lease terms that are inconsistent with the following kind of System Standards required by the franchisor:

  • Hours of Operation
  • Signage Requirements
  • Renewal Rights
  • Upkeep Requirements and Responsibilities
  • Use of Common Areas
  • Parking
  • Ability of the Landlord to Terminate or Interrupt Operations for Renovation
  • Limitations on Offering Additional Services from the Site
  • Termination Rights and Rights to Collateral Assignment by the Franchisor

Scott helps franchisors review lease agreements and assist them with guiding their franchisees in negotiations with franchisors. And, for franchisee clients, he actively assists with lease negotiations to ensure consistency with the relevant franchise, distribution or business opportunity agreements.

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